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Polyester rope is a great solution for general industrial and rigging applications. It is one of the most popular ropes used in the boating industry. Its strength is very close to nylon, but it stretches very little; therefore, it cannot absorb loads. Read More…

Polyester Rope Its first recorded use occurring in Egypt around 4000 BC and thought to have been in use long before that as well, rope is one of mankind's earliest innovations.
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Leading Manufacturers

Sellersville, PA  |  888-218-6366

Since our beginning in 1967, we have had experience designing, manufacturing and distributing the highest quality braided ropes and cords. Braided ropes and cordage are produced in all common fibers.

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CSR Incorporated $$$

South Otselic, NY  |  315-653-7211

Founded in 1816, Gladding Braided Products is one of the largest US manufacturers of braided textile & wire products. As the largest manufacturer of #550 paracord, Gladding also manufactures braided textiles used in Marine & Military applications, fine braids & twine, Accessory cord, Duravet & wire rope replacement products.

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Gladding Braided Products, LLC $$$

Blue Island, IL  |  708-377-1084

With over 25 years in rope & cordage manufacturing, Erin Rope offers great prices & the highest level of service & expertise. Nylon & poly ropes include 3 strand rope, elastic shock cord (bungee cord), all kinds of braided rope, 12 strand rope, pulling rope, etc.

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Erin Rope Corporation $$$

Turlock, CA  |  209-632-9708

Founded in 1980, RJ Rope Manufacturing offers a greater variety of rope constructions & color combinations. With state-of-the-art rope braiding systems, we remain committed to making better cordage. Always the best quality ropes for your dollar with continual innovation. Serving many industries & special applications with 4 to 48 strand braided rope & versatile fabrication of rope assemblies.

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RJ Rope Manufacturing $$$

Saco, ME  |  207-282-3396

Applications to specific products come from this rope manufacturer. At Yale Cordage we design and make custom ropes too. Yale has met the demands of those in the arboriculture, industrial, marine, telephone, utility markets. Our ropes are some of the best in the industry. To learn more about our products visit our website or give call us today! We are ready to fit you with the right rope!

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Yale Cordage $$$

Avenel, NJ  |  732-532-3165

Atlantic Cordage, family owned and operated for over fifty years, offers fast, convenient service with the experience you can trust. We have an extensive inventory of high quality ropes to serve a variety of industries and applications. We are confident we can meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Visit us online for more detailed information or to request a quote.

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Atlantic Cordage Corporation $$$
placeholder image CSR Incorporated Gladding Braided Products, LLC Erin Rope Corporation RJ Rope Manufacturing Yale Cordage Atlantic Cordage Corporation

Polyester rope is resistant to moisture and chemicals, just like nylon, but it is superior in abrasion and sunlight resistance. It performs very well outdoors as well as in harsh elements of nature. Polyester rope is good for rigging, mooring, and industrial plant use. Therefore it is utilized as a fish net and bolt rope.

Types of Polyester Ropes

The types of polyester ropes include:

Double Braid Polyester Rope

This type of polyester rope has unparalleled strength. The polyester material used for making this type of rope has a tensile strength similar to that of nylon 6. Double braid polyester rope is stronger than nylon. Since polyester is not stretchy, it is mostly used in the lifting field. The stretch in polyester material is reduced by the pre-stretching process that occurs during manufacturing.

double braided rope

This type of rope exhibits a high melting point of 240°C. As a result, it only loses a very small percentage of its reliable breaking strength after several years of outdoor use. The durable double braid construction combines a 12-strand core and a 24-strand polyester sheath. The main advantage of this type of rope is that it is resistant to abrasion and heavy wear. Double braid polyester ropes are most suitable for rigging, mooring lines, and large mainsheets.

12-Strand Polyester Rope

The 12-strand polyester braided rope has several benefits that make it ideal for different environments for a high-quality performance. This type of polyester rope has a higher strength-to-weight ratio. It also has stronger grips than other ropes, such as 8-strand polyester. In addition, 12-strand polyester ropes are similar to double-braid polyester ropes in that they are fast drying and perform competently under UV conditions.

polyester rope

They are also flexible and capable of absorbing shock like double braid ropes. The only thing that differentiates these two types of polyester ropes is that 12-strand ropes are single braided, so they cannot rotate under heavy loads and are not capable of creating a kink like double braid polyester ropes. Therefore 12-strand polyester ropes are ideal for dock lines, smaller mainsheets, or other general nautical rigging applications.


These types of ropes are strong enough to resist wear and tear. As a result, they have a longer life expectancy than dock lines made from nylon. Boats use polyester dock lines since they have enough strength to handle violent wind storms. In addition, they avoid damage to the boat by minimizing its movement in its slip.

Dockline was created with exceptional strength, simple handling, and great abrasion resistance in mind. This rope works great for docking, anchoring, and mooring. In addition, it has excellent elongation properties that shield your boat from bad weather. HT-polyester ropes don't make as much of a creaking noise as polypropylene ropes. But, in the end, any material that rubs against a surface will generate some noise. A protective cover covering the rope or changing the dock line angle would significantly improve this problem.

Applications and Uses of Polyester Rope

  • Polyester rope is used in anchor lines
  • Lanyards
  • Mooring lines
  • Fenders as well as fender lines
  • Polyester rope is used on winches
  • Blocking
  • Dock rigging

Benefits of Polyester Rope

  • The polyester rope does not lose strength when it becomes wet; it is very strong
  • It is soft to handle and also flexible
  • Polyester rope exhibit good resistance to abrasion
  • It is resistant to rot and ultraviolet radiation
  • It exhibits little to no stretch
  • The polyester rope has a high melting point
  • It does not conduct electricity
  • It is resistant to acids and alkalis at room temperature.
  • Polyester rope is also resistant to petroleum-based products, solvents, and bleaches.
  • Polyester rope is easy to splice with stainless steel, nylon, soft eyes, galvanized thimbles

Drawbacks of Polyester Rope

  • The polyester rope has the disadvantage of not floating
  • Some of the polyester rope braids are considerably stiffer and do not work in blocks
  • Polyester rope is not ideal when the load is subjected to jerking
  • It becomes weaker when the material is soaked in strong bleach for a long time
  • .

Choosing the Correct Polyester Rope Company

To make sure you have the most positive outcome when purchasing polyester rope from a polyester rope company, it is important to compare at least 4 to 5 companies using our polyester rope directory. Each polyester rope company has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the company for more information or request a quote. Review each polyester rope company website using our proprietary website previewer to get an idea of what each company specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple polyester rope companies with the same message.

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