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A rope comprises several yarns, plies, fibers, or strands braided or twisted together to make a thicker and more durable structure. Ropes are often used for dragging and pulling. Rope is stronger than thread, string, or twine. Read More…

Cordage Cordage is a general term used in reference to many varieties of rope, cords, lines and other varieties of braided and twisted fibers.
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Leading Manufacturers

Norridge, IL  |  800-626-6556

Lexco is an ISO:9001 manufacturer of wire rope, cable, and bungee cord assemblies; and push-pull controls. Our in-house capabilities range from swaging and extrusions to die-casting, proof-loading, and CNC machining. Lexco Cable is proud to serve a diverse set of markets including military, aerospace, OEM, MRO, marine, architectural, and more. Contact us today.

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Lexco Cable Mfg. $$$

Sellersville, PA  |  888-218-6366

Since our beginning in 1967, we have had experience designing, manufacturing and distributing the highest quality braided ropes and cords. Braided ropes and cordage are produced in all common fibers.

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CSR Incorporated $$$

Fairfield, NJ  |  973-287-6458

Corda is a leading rope manufacturer offering cotton, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and sisal rope solutions constructed for outdoor and industrial use. Our products are used in the masonry, recreational, industrial, and marine industries.

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Pawtucket, RI  |  800-783-8599

Welcome to Neocorp, your number one supplier for high temperature textiles, gaskets and braid over wire jacketing. Our products can handle high temperatures and can stand through demanding industrial environments. We can do custom designs, be it for Kevlar tapes or E Glass rope. We set the standard for excellence.

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Montgomeryville, PA  |  215-368-6611

As the leader in custom engineered synthetic ropes, Phillystran manufactures high tenacity fiber ropes, strands, braids and strength members from fibers such as Kevlar®, Twaron®, Technora®, Vectran®, Spectra®, Dyneema® and Zylon®, plus specialized ropes. Used worldwide in a broad range of marine, industrial and military rope applications. See website for more info and/or call today!

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Phillystran, Inc. $$$

Pawtucket, RI  |  800-519-4878

Among the top suppliers of ropes in New England, Quality Nylon Ropes can supply you with the best rope for your specific application. Included in our product line is Spectra®, Kevlar® and other types of ropes and cords. We're proud to carry on the long tradition in New England of superior quality textile manufacturing. For over 20 years we've supplied customers with our high quality ropes.

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Making Cordage

When making cordage, textile strands are stretched out by hand for hundreds of yards before being hooked at one end to form cordage. Making cordage rope, known as "rope walking," involves turning a wheel that twists the material into a rope. Over the years, innovative machinery has been developed to facilitate the rope walking process. Manufacturers make rope in two ways: twisting and braiding. Although the finished goods have a similar appearance, the procedures differ.

Braided Rope

Braided rope is made by braiding together multiple strands of rope. Hundreds of strands can be incorporated into one braid. There are three variations of braiding: hollow, solid, and double.

Hollow: Hollow braided rope is a braided tube made of fibers with an empty core in the middle.


Solid: Solid braided rope has a core, making it a stronger alternative to hollow rope.

Double: Double braided rope has a braided core and a braided jacket to add even more tensile strength.

Twisted Rope

Individual strands are first twisted to create a twisted rope, which is then twisted once more to create a larger, stronger rope. Twisted rope's low cost, extensibility, and splice ease are primarily its benefits.

twisted rope

Applications of Cordage

Bridge and Building Inspection: Ropes facilitate manual inspection processes during construction on bridges and tall buildings. Inspectors can walk across high-altitude constructions safely using high-quality ropes.

Construction: Rope has a wide range of applications in the construction sector. It can be more cost-effective to drop technicians into difficult-to-reach areas with secure ropes than to build scaffolding.

Rescue Operations: Since ancient times, the rope has been a necessary component of rescue efforts because it allows workers to reach places that might not otherwise be reachable. The rope has shown to be one of the most dependable equipment in the arsenal of possibilities available to rescue workers since it is very dependable, does not conduct electricity, and is rarely harmed by chemicals or water.

Heavy Lifting: Using rope is an affordable, reliable alternative to wire sling for lifting heavy objects. Rope slings are designed for rigging, cranes, and other lifting equipment. They are incredibly dependable, safe, and lightweight. In addition, the rope can help prevent injury from loads that snap, rebound, or drop due to poor rigging.

Mining: For many years, the underground activities of the mining sector have utilized wire. Unfortunately, wire will rust and create fishhooks and kinks, which leads to dangerous situations. Ropes and cordage are stronger and safer alternatives to wire. Ropes used in mining are more dependable, simpler to see, and engineered to endure longer.

Ocean Work & Boating: The rope used for ocean operations is often pre-stretched to prevent it from elongating while being used. Nautical ropes are also chemically protected against the effects of salt water, and strong enough to endure fish attacks. The presence of salt water, which can cause any material to degrade, is one of the main issues with operating near the ocean. Boating and shipping ropes must be made of unique materials that can endure the harsh temperatures and climate of the ocean. Cordage is also used to fasten hatches, lift sails, and secure cargo.

Military: Rope is often used in military operations to secure equipment and navigate difficult terrain. It has long been a crucial tool used in endurance training.

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Bungee Cords

Bungee Cords

A bungee cord is a rope that is composed of two or more elastic strands coated with a woven fabric. It has hooks that are placed on both ends. A bungee cord is also known as shock cord and elastic cord...



Cordage is a series of intertwined fibers, strands, strings, or fabric that are joined by twisting or braiding to form a larger more formidable whole. The combination of the materials makes the final, larger strand stronger than its individual pieces...

High Strength Ropes

High Strength Ropes

Rope is a collection of strands, fibers, piles and yarns joined together to form a strong and a large structure. These strands or fibers are either twisted or braided with one another to give high tensile strength to the rope...

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