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Boca Raton, FL

Consolidated Cordage Corporation, Inc., headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, stands as a premier provider of high-quality rope products and comprehensive service solutions. Established with a commitment to excellence, Consolidated Cordage has emerged as a trusted industry leader, catering to diverse sectors with innovative and reliable rope solutions.


Consolidated Cordage Corporation is strategically situated in Boca Raton, Florida, benefitting from a prime location that facilitates efficient logistics and seamless distribution. The company's state-of-the-art facilities in this vibrant city serve as a hub for manufacturing, quality control, and research and development.

Product Portfolio:

Consolidated Cordage specializes in the production and distribution of a wide range of ropes, catering to the unique needs of various industries. Their product portfolio includes but is not limited to:

Synthetic Ropes: Engineered for durability and strength, Consolidated Cordage's synthetic ropes are ideal for marine, construction, and industrial applications. These ropes exhibit high resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and UV radiation.

Natural Fiber Ropes: Crafted from premium natural fibers, these ropes find applications in traditional and specialty sectors. They are well-suited for uses where a balance of strength and flexibility is essential.

Specialty Ropes: Consolidated Cordage is known for its ability to provide custom rope solutions for specific applications. Whether it's arborist ropes, climbing ropes, or unique configurations, the company prides itself on meeting the most demanding requirements.

Safety and Rescue Ropes: Designed to meet stringent safety standards, Consolidated Cordage's safety and rescue ropes are trusted by professionals in emergency response, search and rescue, and industrial safety.

Service Capabilities:

Consolidated Cordage Corporation doesn't just offer products; they provide a comprehensive suite of services to ensure customer satisfaction and support. These services include:

Customization: Tailoring ropes to meet specific client requirements, Consolidated Cordage's customization services ensure that customers get solutions that precisely fit their needs.

Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality control processes are implemented throughout the manufacturing process, guaranteeing that every rope meets or exceeds industry standards.

Technical Support: The company boasts a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who provide technical support and guidance, ensuring that clients choose the right rope for their applications.

Logistics and Distribution: With a well-established network, Consolidated Cordage excels in efficient logistics and distribution, ensuring timely delivery to clients worldwide.


Consolidated Cordage Corporation is dedicated to providing innovative, reliable, and sustainable rope solutions while maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. The company continually strives to push the boundaries of rope technology, anticipating and meeting the evolving needs of its diverse clientele.

In conclusion, Consolidated Cordage Corporation, Inc. is synonymous with excellence in the rope industry, offering a wide array of top-tier products and services that make them a preferred choice for businesses seeking robust and reliable solutions for their cordage needs.

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