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Covington, KY  |  800-837-7477

Atkins and Pearce is a leading global supplier of ropes, cords, and braids, with over 200 years of experience in the industry. The company has a long-standing reputation for delivering high-quality ropes and related products to a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial applications.

Atkins and Pearce's ropes and cords are designed and...

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Companies Serving Near Kentucky

Niantic, CT  |  860-848-1113

JB Rope Supply, based in Niantic, Connecticut, is a leading provider of high-quality rope products and comprehensive rope-related services. With a commitment to excellence and a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1985, JB Rope Supply has become a trusted name in the industry, serving a diverse range of customers across various sectors.


Situated in the...

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Biddeford, ME  |  800-788-7673

Sterling Rope is a leading manufacturer and distributor of ropes and related products for various industries and applications. The company was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Biddeford, Maine, USA. Sterling Rope has built a reputation for excellence in quality, performance, and innovation, earning the trust of customers worldwide.

Sterling Rope's product line includes a wide...

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Saco, ME  |  207-282-3396

Yale Cordage, headquartered in Saco, Maine, is a leading manufacturer and provider of high-quality rope products with a rich history dating back to its founding in 1950. With decades of expertise and a commitment to innovation, Yale Cordage has established itself as a trusted name in the industry, serving a diverse range of sectors and applications.


Situated in Saco,...

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Rocky Mount, NC  |  800-342-9130

From our spinning mill to our many braiding then forming & polishing machines to packaging options, ROMOCO's skilled team ensures the very best production of cord & ropes for any use. Established in 1934, we have the knowledge and experience to bring you the highest quality products for even the most demanding requirements. Visit us online for more information about the products we offer.

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Pilot Mountain, NC  |  336-368-5001

Wound-About manufactures braided rope for industries such as agricultural, dog sledding, industrial/utility and marine. We do five basic braid types: flat, hallow, diamond, double and solid. Visit our website to learn about the materials we use: polyester, nylon, mono and multi-filament polypropylene, spun polyester and cotton. We can do various colors, patterns and customization as well.

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Millersport, OH  |  800-258-6574

Atwood Rope Manufacturing, Inc., headquartered in the picturesque town of Millersport, Ohio, stands as a premier provider of high-quality ropes and cordage, serving a diverse range of industries and customers since its establishment.

Founding Vision:

Founded on a vision of excellence and innovation, Atwood Rope Manufacturing, Inc. has been a stalwart in the rope manufacturing...

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Emporia, VA  |  434-634-4142

At Franklin Braid, we are passionate about the art and science of ropes. With years of expertise and a deep commitment to quality, we have earned our reputation as a premier provider of an extensive range of ropes. Let us introduce you to our world of ropes and our unwavering dedication to our craft.

Ropes are our specialty, and our product range reflects our commitment to delivering a ...

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Newport News, VA  |  800-992-0854

At PlymKraft Inc. we have arborist rope, heli-vac fast ropes, military specification ropes, Pli-Moor 8 strand plaited ropes, precision 3 strand ropes and more. Visit our website today!

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Bungee Cords

Bungee Cords

A bungee cord is a rope that is composed of two or more elastic strands coated with a woven fabric. It has hooks that are placed on both ends. A bungee cord is also known as shock cord and elastic cord...



Cordage is a series of intertwined fibers, strands, strings, or fabric that are joined by twisting or braiding to form a larger more formidable whole. The combination of the materials makes the final, larger strand stronger than its individual pieces...

High Strength Ropes

High Strength Ropes

Rope is a collection of strands, fibers, piles and yarns joined together to form a strong and a large structure. These strands or fibers are either twisted or braided with one another to give high tensile strength to the rope...

Wire Rope

Wire Rope

Wire rope is a collection of metal strands that have been twisted and wound to form the shape of a helix with the purpose of supporting and lifting heavy loads and performing tasks that are too rigorous for standard wire...

Electric Hoist

Electric Hoist

Electric hoists are material handling equipment used for lifting, lowering, and transporting materials and products. They are powered by an electric motor and have a controller to adjust the lifting parameters...

Overhead Cranes

Overhead Cranes

An overhead crane is a type of heavy duty machinery that is capable of moving extremely heavy loads and equipment from one location to another in a safe and precise manner using the overhead space of a manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work they perform...

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